Suzuki has unveiled six new overseas motorcycle models for 2015 at the INTERMOT International Motorcycle, Scooter and Bicycle Fair held in Cologne, Germany from 30 September to 5 October, 2014.

New GSX series models GSX-S1000/ABS and GSX-S1000F/ABS

Naked bike GSX-S1000/ABS and fully-faired GSX-S1000F/ABS are streetbikes that Suzuki newly introduces as GSX-S to the GSX series, which is composed of the MotoGP machine GSX-RR and supersport bike GSX-R. Equipped on the newly developed lightweight frame is a modified in-line four-cylinder engine based on the GSX-R1000. It has been tuned to optimize public roads without detracting the broad torque in the low to mid speed range and output character in the high rev range. It is equipped with traction control that can be selected from three modes, Brembo radial mount front brake calipers, and Renthal aluminum handlebar, while also offering ABS range. The push start system has been adopted for the first time on Suzukis large displacement motorcycles.

Suzuki plans to produce GSX-S1000/ABS from March 2015 and GSX-S1000F/ABS from April at the Toyokawa Plant in Japan, and start its sales in markets such as Europe and North America.

Sport Adventure Tourer with a design that gives an image of adventure, V-Strom650XT ABS

Suzuki has adopted a newly designed front fairing that gives an image of adventure to the V-Strom650 ABS, a popular touring model that can enjoy riding from city to long distance touring. By equipping wire-spoked wheels, it has enhanced its shock absorption performance in the low speed range. Suzuki plans to launch it in Japan in October 2014 and start its sales in markets such as Europe and North America.

Supersport bike with ABS, GSX-R1000 ABS

Suzuki has added an ABS variant to the GSX-R1000, a supersport bike that represents Suzuki motorcycles. Also, to commemorate Suzuki’s participation in the MotoGP from 2015, coloring similar to the MotoGP machine GSX-RR has been introduced to both ABS and non-ABS variants. Both variants are equipped with black-colored levers, footsteps, and pedals.

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